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Should I use a video communications tool like Facetime or Zoom or the phone when I’m trying to connect with my family member with dementia from a distance, in the midst of contact restrictions imposed on us by the COVID-19 pandemic? This was one of the most resonant and emotionally charged questions raised by family caregivers and discussed with Dr. Sadavoy and other caregivers in attendance at our 2nd Caregiver Check-In event, held on May 14th.

Our 3rd “Caregiver Check-In: Challenges & Choices in COVID-19” event is happening today, gathering with family caregivers of someone with dementia across Ontario via Zoom video conferencing.

It’s been a privilege to gather with the community of vital family caregivers who are facing some of the most complex impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in caring for their family members at home. It’s also been an eye opener on some of the inconspicuous ways that COVID-19 is impacting their livess as dementia caregivers.

We don’t record these live events in respect of privacy and our focus to be there with and for the community. But because these dialogues have raised such important and commonly shared concerns, some unique to the context of COVID-19 and others ongoing, our medical director has made some short videos sharing some of key challenges and insights raised by caregivers in our previous events.

In this video Dr. Sadavoy speaks about the challenge caregivers shared in their use of video communications tools such as Facetime or Zoom vs. the use of the phone to communicate with the person with dementia in the face of contact and visit restrictions impacting us in many environments.

More Videos and resources for caregiving during COVID-19

Short videos by Dr. Joel Sadavoy, MD discussing caregiving themes and topics that were explored during the first check-in event.

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