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Shared Resources

from April 23, May 14 and June 11, Caregiver Check-In events

Caregiver Check-In Videos

with Dr. Joel Sadavoy, MD

Caregiver Check-In Videos

with Dr. Joel Sadavoy, MD

Video vs. Phone: Communication Challenges

1 min. 58 sec.  (recorded via Zoom)

Managing Care Support Shortages

2 min. 52 sec. (recorded via Zoom)

Shared Resources from Caregiver Check-In Series on April 23, May 14 and June 11

Resources shared by Reitman Centre Clinical Team and other family caregivers in attendance

Topics discussed at May 14th Caregiver Check-In during COVID019

Managing Repetitive Questions/ Interactions

[Video from Caregiver Coaching and Simulation series]

Stimulation | Managing lack of interest (Apathy)

[Video from Your Dementia Caregiver Questions Answered series]

Decision Making about Long-Term Care for your family member

(via Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto)

Managing grief

Watch the Caregiver Check-In videos below

Dr. Joel Sadavoy discusses caregiver themes covered in the Caregiver Check-In: Challenges & Choices in COVID-19 event, held online via Zoom on April 23 and May 14, 2020.

Dr. Sadavoy is Medical Director of The Reitman Centre and the Enhancing Care for Ontario Dementia Carepartners Program, Sinai Health.

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Dr. Joel Sadavoy, MD

Dr. Joel Sadavoy

MD, FRCP, Founder Geriatric Psychiatry, FCPA (Distinguished)

#Hidden-Heroes, The Fabric of Who You Are

2 min. 34 sec.  (recorded via Zoom)

As we come together as a community, as a nation and as a global community to care for each other in unprecedented ways in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we also witness, some with new eyes, the vital importance of our #hidden-heroes, the family caregivers/ care partners amongst us, who provide care for the most vulnerable members of our society, at home.

Dr. Joel Sadavoy reflects that while caregivers don’t call themselves heroes, their vital dedication to caring for their family or friends with dementia, is the fabric of who they are.

As essential as family caregivers are to the reality of ‘care at home’, their need for care themselves, is just as vital.

Some Unexpected Surprises in the Care Experience

3 min. 8 sec. (recorded via Zoom)

Dr. Sadavoy reflects on an unexpected aspect of caregiver feedback that’s he’s encountered.

There is a possibility of an increased feeling of disconnectedness and isolation. At the same time a paradox surfaces, which is that there are fewer things to do, less to prepare for, fewer activities that are either available or possible. The caregiver in some respects has fewer demands than they used to because of this social constriction. Amidst the challenging consequences, caregivers have recounted some unexpected and positive surprises.

Caregiver Isolation | How do I manage in COVID-19?

Many people who care for a family member with dementia are accustomed to feeling isolated in their experience; of being the only one who knows what they are going through. COVID19 adds a new layer onto the isolation that care partners may be feeling.
Watch the full video or specific sections below.

Full Video: Caregiver Isolation

3 min. 39 sec.  (recorded via Zoom)

In the full video Dr. Sadavoy starts by suggesting some strategies for self-soothing to address isolation feelings. He then shares strategies for finding connection with the family member with dementia.

He finally provides guidance around what signals exist that worries and isolation may becoming to overwhelming to handle alone, and require contact with a medical professional.

The role of acceptance

0 – 1:14 min.  (recorded via Zoom)


A remedy – supporting a connection

1:12 min. – 2:47 min.  (recorded via Zoom)


Warning signals that isolation may be becoming too overwhelming

2:47 min. – 3:39 min.  (recorded via Zoom)


Anxiety and Coping Tools for Caregivers | Series of Short Videos

Dr. Sadavoy discusses some of the impacts common sources of anxiety that are rising for caregivers in the COVID-19 pandemic and some practical solutions to consider to help you manage and cope.

Open the menu items below to watch the videos.

Managing your worry for those dependent on you
Run time: ( 49 sec.)

Using planning as a caregiving tool
Run time: (1 min. 15 sec.)

Food supply and Eating
Run time:  (1 min. 23 sec.)

Medications and Prescriptions
Run time: ( 55 sec.)

Doctors and Healthcare Services
Run time: (1 min.)

Emergency care and Patient Advocacy
Run time: (1 min. 53 sec.)

Homecare Services
Run time: (1 min. 36 sec.)

Disruption of routine activities, like banking

Run time: (46 sec.)

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