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The Enhancing Care for Ontario Care Partners Program was launched in Fall 2017 as a part of the Ontario Dementia Strategy funded by the Ministry of Health. The Reitman Centre, Sinai Health is the provincial hub for Enhancing Care Program planning, promotion, training, implementation, evaluation and reporting led by Dr. Joel Sadavoy, Medical Director and Edward McAnanama, Manager, Ambulatory Psychiatry.

The goal of the Enhancing Care Program is to help care partners across Ontario manage the stress and complexities of caring for persons living with dementia. The program is offered from 10 locations across Ontario and provides in-person and online clinical services and group programs to support the unique needs of care partners providing care at home to persons living with dementia. Group programs are evidence-based and provide skills training using problem solving techniques, therapeutic principles and guided simulation for hands-on training. The effectiveness of this approach has been demonstrated through formal outcome research.

Caregiver / Carepartner Testimonial

“We know, from our research and daily clinical experience with caregivers at our Reitman Centre, Sinai Health location, that these interventions to support family members and other unpaid caregivers who are struggling are effective and impactful. But we also know that there is a significant unmet need across Ontario for people who haven’t been able to access this kind of support.”

Dr. Joel Sadavoy
Medical Director of Enhancing Care for Ontario Care Partners,
The Cyril & Dorothy, Joel & Jill Reitman Centre for Alzheimer’s Support and Training, Sinai Health

The Enhancing Care for Ontario Care Partners Program is built on the unique CARERS Program methodology with a history of evidence-based success in achieving desirable health outcomes for care partners who participate in the intensive 8-week group program. Another Enhancing Care Program called TEACH offers participants in the 4-week group program a modified version of the CARERS Program. These two Enhancing Care Programs are offered in-person and/or online by all partner sites across Ontario. Assessment is provided to all care partners in the Enhancing Care Program and individual clinical services are provided to care partners who cannot or are not suitable to participate in group programs. As a result of provincial interest and demand, Mindfulness Programs for care partners of persons living with dementia are now offered offer at three Enhancing Care Program locations in Ontario.

About the Reitman Centre, Sinai Health


The Cyril & Dorothy, Joel & Jill Reitman Centre for Alzheimer’s Support and Training addresses the needs of care partners of persons living with dementia. The Reitman Centre’s clinical services and programs include:


  • Enhancing Care for Ontario Care Partners Program
  • direct therapeutic care and skills training for caregivers
  • consultations to professionals dealing with complex caregiver-based dementia management problems
  • training for professionals in caregiver management techniques
  • research leadership and consultation

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