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Discussing the support and skills you need in caring for someone living with dementia

When the person with dementia doesn’t know they have limitations – Anosognosia

Doesn’t the person know that they have dementia? They may not. What can be perceived as denial or being stubborn can actually be a lack of awareness that there are any deficits. The medical term for this is “anosognosia” and it means “without knowledge of disease”. When anosognosia occurs there is a limited ability to have insight into ones true abilities. As a result, the person you are caring for may not be able recognize the symptoms of dementia. So as a caregiver/ partner, how do you cope?

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Dementia Caregiving and the Holidays

The holidays are often a special time for families, including meaningful traditions and get-togethers. When one family member has a diagnosis of dementia, caregivers question how to enjoy the season in a special way for everyone. But there are ways to adapt celebrations so that everyone is able to enjoy the holidays together. Consider these eight (8) tips by Dr. Rhonda Feldman.

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