Stories are powerful tools that influence public opinion and help us process meaning in our own experiences. The dominant story about dementia caregiving focuses on burden and loss. While true, research has also proven that those caring for someone living with dementia who find meaning in their caregiving report decreased burden and enhanced well-being.

In response to this reality, Deiren Masterson, Aynsley Moorhouse and Dr. Joel Sadavoy partnered, with the support of The Cyril & Dorothy, Joel & Jill Reitman Centre for Alzheimer’s Support and Training at Sinai Health and Relative Strangers Interactive, to create the Finding Meaning: Dementia Caregiver Stories Project, a short video project. These are caregivers’ stories told through their voice, presenting the often-hidden picture where meaning, connection and growth in the journey of caring for a person living with dementia, are possible.

We are deeply honoured to present “Nadia and her Mama”, a 6-minute video of the powerful caregiving journey that Nadia lived with her mother. The video is significant demonstration of the depth and power of the complex emotions encountered in the caregiving journey, with an affecting and poignant message of both struggle and hope. We present this video with our deepest gratitude to Nadia, for her generosity in sharing these powerful, beautiful and meaningful stories of her caregiving journey with her dear “Mama” and for her support desire to share these with others.

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