“Dealing with Caregiver Isolation in COVID-19”, video with Dr. Joel Sadavoy, MD

3 min. 39 sec.

Many people who care for a family member with dementia are accustomed to feeling isolated in their experience; of being the only one who knows what they are going through. COVID-19 adds a new layer onto the isolation that care partners may already be feeling. Responding to concerns shared by family caregivers in our Caregiver Check-In live online event, Dr. Sadavoy provides insight, perspective and some strategies for managing caregiver isolation in COVID-19.

Dr. Sadavoy starts by suggesting some strategies for self-care to address isolation feelings. He then shares strategies for finding connection with the family member with dementia. He finally provides guidance around what signals exist that worries and isolation may becoming to overwhelming to handle alone, and require contact with a medical professional.

Our “Caregiver Check-In” series has become an intimate space for family members across Ontario, caring for someone with dementia, to connect with our clinical team and to support each other in this critical time. As ever, this includes those struggling with the demands and uncertainties of work and their commitment to be there to care for their vulnerable family member. We never record these events but to respond to the many requests to share some of the important challenges raised by family caregivers we’ve created a series of short videos with Dr. Joel Sadavoy, our Medical Director, responding to themes such as the dealing with caregiver isolation, that were shared by family caregivers in our Caregiver Check-In: Challenges & Choices in COVID-19 events.

Dr. Sadavoy is Medical Director of The Reitman Centre and the Enhancing Care for Ontario Dementia Carepartners Program, Sinai Health.

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Short videos by Dr. Joel Sadavoy, MD discussing caregiving themes and topics that were explored during the first check-in event.

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