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Jeanetta Grawbarger

BA (Psychology), BSW, RSW

Enhancing Care Program Clinician

Alzheimer Society of Waterloo Wellington, Kitchener

Experience and Background

Jeanette is one of two Enhancing Care Clinicians that work at the Alzheimer Society of Waterloo Wellington. Jeanetta has a familial connection with Alzheimer’s, which led her to continue her education and precipitated her interest in working with persons affected by dementia and their care partners. She has been working in the Waterloo Region in the non-profit sector since 2007, with experience working with individuals with cognitive and physical impairments, dementia, palliative care, and dual diagnoses.

Jeanetta Grawbarger

Jeanette’s Reflections on the Enhancing Care for Ontario Care Partners Program

Not only do CARERS and TEACH participants learn new skills, but they also gain support through open dialogue and shared experiences with others in the group. The use of simulated patients to re-create real-life encounters allows for caregivers in the group to learn from and with each other. The Enhancing Care Program tailors problem-solving strategies to each caregiver, thus creating an individualized approach to each person’s unique set of challenges.

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