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Isabella Velikovsky


Enhancing Care Program Clinician

Alzheimer Society of York Region, Aurora

Experience and Background

Isabella brings a wealth of clinical skills and social work experience to her Enhancing Care Program Clinician role at the Alzheimer Society of York Region. Isabella’s social work career includes clinical work with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and individuals in recovery and domestic violence programs.

Isabella Velikovsky

Isabella’s Reflections on the Enhancing Care for Ontario Care Partners Program

The CARERS program is a “group with a purpose” beyond sharing experiences or learning new things. Length of program allows for development of trust and bond between group members which offers support and validation in a deep and meaningful way. Simulation offers lived experience versus traditional text book learning.

Caregivers feel less guilt with realization that feelings of frustration and helplessness are “normal” in dementia caregiving and not due to personal shortcomings. I have observed a sense of relief in caregivers about halfway through CARERS program as realistic expectations replace self-blame and/or resentment toward caregivers’ behaviors.

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