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Edward McAnanama

OT Reg.(Ont), BMR(OT), MEd(Counselling), MSc, PhD

Manager, Mount Sinai Hospital Ambulatory Psychiatry Programs

Sinai Health, Toronto

Experience and Background

Edward’s career has included multiple professional leadership and clinical roles as a psychotherapist, educator, supervisor, manager and Assistant Professor in both Canada and the US. Edward is a recognized educator and supervisor in Interpersonal Psychotherapy. As a life-long learner he is engaged in obtaining certification in Couple Therapy and Family Therapy.

Care partners - Caregivers

Edward’s Reflections on the Reitman Centre and Enhancing Care Programs

CARERS strategies are “contagious” i.e. CARERS group members learn new strategies and spread them to other family members creating real change in the family system that brings harmony to the person living with dementia, siblings and other family members.

It’s fascinating to see relationships develop between group members, who have sometimes felt ignored or misunderstood by their social networks. The group members bond together like a new family and this positive experience “ripples” to each of their own social network.

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