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Colleen Martin


Enhancing Care Program Clinician

Alzheimer Society of Waterloo Wellington, Guelph

Experience and Background

Colleen is one of two Enhancing Care Clinicians located at the Alzheimer Society of Waterloo Wellington. Before coming to the Alzheimer Society 6 years ago, Colleen worked in Long Term Care Facilities. Colleen has lived experience as a caregiver as she supported her father to provide daily care for her mother who was diagnosed with mixed dementia.

Colleen Martin

Colleen’s Reflections on the Enhancing Care for Ontario Care Partners Program

While other groups are effective in supporting care partners, the CARERS group focuses on a problem solving technique that encourages and motivates participants to make specific changes when supporting the person living with dementia. Having a simulated patient component to the program provides care partners with the ability to practice their learnings which is a unique and practical way to learn these skills. After participating in the CARERS group, most care partners exude more confidence in their ability to provide supportive care to the person living with dementia. It’s interesting to observe that although the challenges may not disappear, care partners are responding to these difficulties differently and this can be transformative in their role as care partners.

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