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Common questions from dementia caregivers asked and answered.

Mental Health Clinician presenter: LJ Nelles, Registered Psychotherapist

Produced by Enhancing Care for Ontario Care Partners,
and the Cyril & Dorothy, Joel & Jill Reitman Centre for Alzheimer’s Support and Training

Your Questions Answered – Video series

When friends and family don’t understand the impact of dementia caregiving

3 min. 43 sec.

Caring for someone with dementia on a regular basis can be very overwhelming and isolating. When friends and family are only spending brief periods of time with the person it’s not always apparent how the illness has impacted them and what you’re dealing with on a regular basis.

When a person with dementia won’t attend an adult day program

3 min. 27 sec.

Often caregivers take on the largest responsibility of being the main person to provide social recreation to their family member with dementia. It’s both a practical and emotional transition to sharing this responsibility with others, and day programs. In this video the mental health clinician outlines key elements of the problem and practical strategies that can help you handle and navigate this situation.

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