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Dementia Talk App

Developed to support caregivers in tracking and responding to the changing behaviours and functions of persons with dementia.

Those caring for a person with dementia often struggle with how to deal with behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia.

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The temporary technical issue is resolved. We appreciate your understanding and are pleased to continue to provide this free resource, to help in your needs as a caregiver.

App users have access to six main features:

1. Behaviour Tracker
A behaviour tracker that helps keep track on behavioural symptoms and generates a graph that helps identify any patterns as well as follow up on progression over time.
2. Behaviour Care Plan
Behaviour Care Plan – where caregivers are guided in creating a personalized plan to address specific behavioural symptoms browsing through a list of potential, literature based triggers and clinically proven strategies.
3. Medication list
Medication list – to keep track on medications. This feature also alerts to medications that according to the literature might be unfit for persons with dementia.
4. Scheduler
Scheduler – A place for the caregiver to keep track on schedule and tasks
5. My Team
My Team – allows caregivers to invite other members of the circle of care such as: personal support worker, clinicians, other family members, etc. to join their account so they can view and/or participate in the care. For example team members pending on permission granted by the caregiver can help track behaviours and be assigned to specific tasks through the App.
6. Caregiver corner
Caregiver corner – a corner dedicated to the caregiver to provide self-care tips, mindfulness exercise and link to services.
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